Why Blockchain?

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Blockchain technology and decentralized apps allow for an entirely censorship free version of the internet that cannot be controlled by one single entity, where all data is stored and kept forever. The following are all advantages of blockchain technology:

Resources to learn more

There is an enormous amount of misinformation and phishing/ICO scams in the area of blockchain technology and Ethereum, so be careful. The following are some useful resources that helped me learn about this space:

  • Ethereum Wikipedia page - general overview of Ethereum
  • Ethereum Reddit page - useful for keeping up with Ethereum news
  • Ivan on Tech - there are some great videos here discussing how Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies work
  • aantonop - Talks on Bitcoin and Ethereum from an expert in this area
  • What The Func - some very helpful and recent video tutorials on coding in Solidity and Web3
  • Three part tutorial on making a dApp by Mahesh Murthy - this will take you through how to setup a dApp from scratch
  • Ethereum section of Stack Exchange - ask here for help when you run into problems with dApp development
  • State of the dApps - directory of decentralized apps like this one